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Digestive discomfort: what solutions for baby ?

Your baby often cries or even too much ... he squirms in all directions and seems to be bothered by gas, colic or small discharge of milk ... Digestive discomfort is very common in babies and as parents, you have heartache to see him suffer. What are the solutions to limit these pains?

The main cause of regurgitation and colic in infants

During the first six months, baby's regurgitation is quite frequent. These surges of milk occur just after feeding or bottle feeding, and this can happen several times a day.

These regurgitations are normal because the digestive system is still immature. Indeed, the sphincter, between the stomach and the esophagus, still lacks tone. Especially since baby food is liquid and he spends a lot of time lying down. But regurgitation does not bother baby and does not interfere with sleep or growth.

Babies can also suffer from colic, which most often makes them inconsolable. They occur around the first month and disappear after the 3rd month, although this varies from baby to baby.

Our advice to avoid these inconveniences !

How to limit the regurgitation of your baby?

- If your baby swallows too much air during feeding, he is more likely to have regurgitation. So check that the nipple hole is suitable for his age and tilt the bottle correctly so that there is not too much air inside.

- Listen to your baby's signs of satiety, without forcing him to finish his infant milk or bottle. Rest assured, Baby will always eat its fill!

- To prevent him from drinking too quickly, take breaks during breastfeeding or the bottle by putting it in an upright position to facilitate burping.

- Avoid making him wear diapers and clothes that compress his belly too much.

- Do not put it to bed immediately after taking infant milk, wait at least 30 minutes.

How to calm baby's colic?

- You can massage your baby's belly by making small circular movements or by mobilizing his legs.

- Gently rock your baby or take him for a stroller ride. Some babies enjoy movement.

- Try to give him a bath to relax him.

If in doubt, if your baby's sleep is disturbed, is not gaining enough weight, or is crying and squirming during feedings, ask your midwife or doctor for advice.

Source : Mpedia, 2017