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The weaning guide

Your pace of life no longer allows you to breastfeed or you (or your baby) no longer want to ... the time has come to wean your baby, that is to say to gradually stop breastfeeding. It’s always a delicate step that requires courage, persistence and time.

The golden rule: gently ...

When you decide it's time, you can put your baby into a transition phase.

One way to do this smoothly is to drop a feed every two to three days and replace it with a bottle. And so on until the end ... Start by replacing the feeding at the end of the afternoon (your baby will be more easily satisfied with a bottle), then alternate breast and bottle. Mixed breastfeeding maintains this special bond that you cherish so much with your baby for longer, and also allows you to regulate lactation naturally and avoid engorgement.

If you can or want, express your milk and bottle it so that the transition is less "brutal". Your baby will gradually get used to the pacifier.

6 tips to help baby accept the bottle

It is sometimes difficult to get your baby to adopt the bottle, who is asking for your breast instead. It's all about patience!

Here are some tips to help you with this important step for both of you:

    1. Do not insist and repeat the experience a few hours or even a day after your first attempt. Try calmly and calmly.
    2. Talk to him to reassure him and explain what's going on.
    3. Change the environment: for example, do not give the bottle in the chair where you are used to breastfeeding.
    4. Set up a ritual: soft music, song…
    5. Pass the baton to dad, or anyone else, and leave the room so as not to tempt your baby with your breast!
    6. Try a different pacifier, as it may happen that the shape or texture is not suitable for your baby. There are physiological teats that mimic those of your nipple. Think about it!

              And above all, don't worry! The special bond established with your baby during breastfeeding will continue and evolve.

              Finally, remember that withdrawal is a personal matter. The rhythm, the desire and the evolution of each must be respected.

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