Foods to watch, but above all fun !

Synonymous with time for yourself and having fun, your pregnancy must be accompanied by a delicious, balanced and varied diet, with however some small precautions to take: limit certain foods or drinks during these 9 months. You will see that some simple reflexes and evictions will allow you to live your pregnancy with confidence.

In the raw prefer the cooked !

The vintage welcomes small bacteria with open arms so, to be serene, avoid eating:

- soft cheeses or raw milk cheeses, such as camembert

- raw, smoked and marinated fish

- raw shelled shellfish sold cooked (prefer to cook them by yourself)

- raw and smoked meat or raw charcuterie like rillettes or pâtés

The good news ? Our gastronomy is so rich that there is no shortage of alternatives to satisfy your taste buds!

Also be sure to cook all your meats and egg preparations well, and to wash vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs very carefully.

Finally, to avoid the installation of unwanted bacteria in your kitchen, impeccable refrigerator hygiene is recommended. In the same way, special attention must be paid to the conservation of food remains (airtight container, limited storage time, etc.).

Soybeans, only a few times

Soy and soy products contain substances, phytoestrogens, which can interfere with your hormonal system and that of your baby. As a precaution, it is advisable to limit yourself to a maximum of once a day.

Energy, yes, but sparingly

Pregnancy is often accompanied by episodes of fatigue. Need a pickup? Prefer a good fresh fruit juice squeezed with exciting coffee type (no more than 3 cups of light coffee per day), tea, sodas containing caffeine.

Alcohol: to keep to celebrate the happy event that awaits you!

Without alcohol, the party is crazier! You and your baby will benefit as much as the others with a good cocktail of fruit juice, or even non-alcoholic beer?

Make way for little treats…

Want strawberries? A gourmet breakfast in bed? A chocolate break in the afternoon? With a dose of moderation, follow your taste impulses ... now is the time to savor these moments of happiness!

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