Which meals to favor during pregnancy?

The diet of a pregnant woman is not as strict as we think. If your meals must remain balanced to ensure the development of your baby, it is essential to continue to enjoy yourself (while avoiding certain products of course). Looking for inspiration? Find original ideas for meals to eat during your pregnancy!

What breakfast to eat during pregnancy?

Starting the day with a balanced meal rich in nutrients is essential for you and your baby. The first rule to keep in mind is that breakfast should provide you with the energy you need during the morning, rehydrate you after the night's fast and fill you up with vitamins/fibers. It is therefore preferable to leave aside our French sweet breakfast and to privilege the salty one. You'll see, after a little effort, you'll get a taste for it! 

Our breakfast ideas for pregnant women

Scrambled eggs (you can add slices of white ham for more flavor, or small cubes of tomato for more freshness) with wholemeal bread toast and cheese (made from pasteurized milk)

Fried eggs served on whole grain bread toast (or cereal bread) 

Oatmeal with banana prepared as porridge

3% white cheese mixed with red fruits and muesli 

Slices of whole grain bread (or black bread) with avocado (season with a dash of oil or lemon juice)

Don't forget to eat your breakfast with a drink (squeezed orange juice, infusion, smoothie, glass of milk...). Also try these preparations between meals for a tasty little balanced snack!

What meals should I choose for lunch/dinner during pregnancy?

Here again, you need to make sure you eat a balanced diet that provides all the macronutrients your body and baby need (carbohydrates, fats, proteins). The key to success? Vary the products and don't skip fats - good fats are essential to the functioning of our body. Also remember to eat your meat and fish cooked (cooked through). 

Our meal ideas for pregnant women

As a starter : 

Tomato gazpacho 

Cream of zucchini soup

Grated carrots with lemon juice 

Greek salad (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, feta, black olive, fresh mint, olive oil)

Fresh salmon quiche (pre-cooked by yourself and not smoked)


Main course: 

Risotto with mushrooms and green vegetables

Green lentils and grilled vegetables

Sliced turkey with paprika and fried potatoes 

Curried chicken skewers with basmati rice

Tagliatelle with cream and fresh salmon 

Cod fillet with citrus fruits and fried potatoes 

Quinoa with broccoli

Vegetable soup 

What desserts should I choose during pregnancy?

Contrary to popular belief, pregnant women are not forbidden to eat desserts! Of course, if you can indulge occasionally, it is preferable to eat low-sugar desserts most of the time. The idea is to indulge yourself while making sure you don't add up the sources of fat and carbohydrates - replace unrefined white sugar with brown sugar, for example, and opt for dark chocolate with a high cocoa content for your chocolate preparations.

Our dessert ideas for pregnant women

Strawberry and cottage cheese verrine

Lemon cake 

Fruit salad with fresh mint 

Pineapple and ginger tart 

Vitaminized smoothie

Apple tartlet 

Chocolate and salted butter cake

Indulge yourself and eat a balanced diet with these tasty and balanced meals to prepare during your pregnancy! Whatever your choice, the best thing to do is to try to choose organic fruits and vegetables, and to make sure you eat seasonal products. This allows you to consume products grown without the use of synthetic chemicals and/or grown locally, but also for the preservation of the environment and sustainable development.