Hygiene and care

Baby toilet

The toilet is a moment of exchange and intimacy with baby. Explain to him what you are going to do before you start and do not hesitate to talk to him or communicate by all kinds of expressions during the treatment to make it a moment of pleasure.

You can choose to bathe baby only two to three times a week and the rest of the time, to opt for a cat toilet.

Infant eye care

For baby's eyes, daily cleansing is recommended.

Using a sterile compress soaked in physiological serum (one for each eye), clean from the inside of the corner of the eye outwards (without returning).

Infant ear care

Using a cotton ball or a damp comforter and soap (Babybio Malice Bath for example), first clean the auricles and then the back of the ears. Rinse baby's ears then use a dry Babybio blanket (or a rolled cotton wick) to dry them. Avoid using cotton swabs and focus on the duct entrance (not the duct itself).

Infant nose care

It is advisable to clean the baby's nose daily and warn him a little before so that this happens in the best conditions for him.

Choose the method that best suits your baby from these 2 ways:

- With physiological serum in pods: place baby on his back, head on one side, then introduce a few drops into one nostril then repeat the operation on the other side. To finish, wipe the nose with a Babybio comforter square.

- With small cotton wicks soaked in saline solution: gently twist the wick in one nostril to remove the secretions then repeat the operation with a new wick soaked in the other nostril.

Applying a moisturizing cream after washing moisturizes baby's skin, while providing a bubble of protection and softness.

infant's hair

Brushing baby's hair is recommended to prevent the formation of cradle cap. Hair washing can be reserved for bath times (about 2 to 3 times a week).

FACE toilet

Soak your square cuddly toy with Babybio Delicate Rain then gently pass it over baby's face, starting with the forehead, the temples, then the cheeks, the wings of the nose and finally the chin and mouth.

To enjoy these moments with baby with peace of mind, we advise you to prepare the equipment you need in advance and place it within easy reach during the wash.

BODY toilet

You can position baby on his back, on the table or changing mat.

Soak a soft square in your care product, for example Babybio Delicate Rain, then start with the upper body (hand, arm, torso), not forgetting the folds of the neck and under the arms.

Then, move on to the bottom (legs, feet) – while covering the baby's upper body with the preheated towel – taking special care of the small folds, again.

You can position baby on his stomach and proceed in the same way for the rest of the body wash, first the back, then the legs.

Little tip: warm a bath towel beforehand to cover baby during the treatment so that he feels good.

Umbilical cord care

Clean the cord with lukewarm water and soap, for example using Babybio's Bath of Mischief, with a blanket or compresses, then rinse thoroughly.

Dry the cord with a clean square or if necessary with a cotton swab.

You can leave it in the open air or put a compress on it if necessary.

Be careful to place the diaper so that it does not rub on the umbilical cord and if it is a boy, to direct the penis downwards.

To live these moments with baby in complete serenity, it is recommended to have the necessary washing equipment close at hand.