Infant Milk

What are the differences between powdered and liquid infant milk?

You have probably already noticed that infant milk is available in powder (in cans) or liquid (in bottles). You don't know which format to choose for your baby? Babybio helps you make the right choice!

What is infant milk?

How is infant milk made?

Infant milk is made with animal milk (cow, goat...); during the preparation, the milk is prepared to meet the nutritional needs of babies and adjust to their metabolism: 

Reduction of animal fats, addition of vegetable fats and essential fatty acids, balanced contribution between omega-3 and omega-6, modification of proteins (addition of amino acids), contribution in iron, vitamins, minerals...

Thanks to these steps, the infant milk will be closer to breast milk in terms of composition.

Why give infant milk to baby?

Infant milk is a substitute for babies who are not breastfed* (or partially breastfed). During the first months of his life, the infant will feed exclusively with this preparation, then he will consume it as a supplement to meals from 4/6 months until he is about 3 years old. 

*Breast milk is the most suitable food for each infant. However, if you cannot or do not wish to breastfeed, your doctor will advise you to use an infant formula.

The different sizes of infant milk

There are infant milks on the market that are appropriate for the different stages of an infant's development. Second age milk, third age milk... Whatever the type, these infant milks are available in powder or liquid form. 

Concerning infant formulas (1st age milks), the regulation forbids all manufacturers to advertise, distribute free products or samples. It is important to consult your doctor about the use of infant formula for your baby.

Powdered or liquid infant milk: which one to choose?

What are the common points between powdered infant milk and liquid infant milk?

- Composition: whether powdered or liquid, infant formula has the same composition; whatever your choice, you will be able to meet your baby's nutritional needs with the same rigor. 

- Regulations: powdered and liquid infant formula meet the same European regulations and the same health standards. 

- Taste: infant formulas from the same brand have similar flavours, regardless of the format. Generally, baby does not know the difference when switching from powder to liquid format (of the same brand).

What are the differences?

- The water content in its raw state: powdered infant milk is a dehydrated liquid infant milk - reducing the amount of water from 87.5% to 3%. Once water is added to the powder, there is no difference between the two products.

- The preparation of the feeding-bottle: the liquid infant milk is ready to use; the powdered infant milk requires a preliminary preparation before being able to be consumed.

- Packaging: powdered infant milk is packaged in cans (metal/cardboard) of different weights (800 grams, 1 kilo...) or in sachets (itself packaged in a cardboard box). Liquid infant milk is bottled (from 250 ml to 1 liter). 

- Conservation: placed in a dry place at room temperature, powdered infant milk can be kept for 4 weeks once the box is opened; after opening, a bottle of liquid milk can be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of 48 hours for the 1L format. 

- The price: liquid infant milk is generally more expensive than powdered infant milk; of course, it all depends on the product (an organic powdered infant milk will sometimes be more expensive than a standard liquid infant milk, for example). 

Which infant milk should I choose for my baby?

You have probably noticed it yourself: powdered infant milk will meet your baby's nutritional needs just as much as its liquid version. Your choice should therefore depend on :

- the practicality of the packaging and the method of conservation sought (powdered infant milk is more appropriate for travel, for example; liquid infant milk may be more convenient to use, especially at night...) ;

- your budget;

- your baby's tolerance and tastes. 

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