First Months - Digestion

What to do against baby's little digestion problems?

During his first months, baby often encounters small digestion problems: stomach ache, regurgitation, discomfort, diarrhea, gas, bloating, constipation... In the vast majority of cases, this is completely normal: still in gestation , your little one's digestive system is particularly sensitive. Find out here how to limit, but also calm baby's little digestion problems.

How to promote good digestion of baby?

If small digestion problems are frequent during your baby's first months, a few simple rules to put in place can help him digest better on a daily basis.

Take time to feed baby

Digestive disorders in infants are often due to poor swallowing at mealtimes. To help baby digest better, try to feed him in a calm and peaceful environment. Also remember to take breaks during feeding (or when taking the bottle) and, when you give him the bottle, make sure he does not suck in too much air - choose a teat with a flow rate adapted to his age. Not putting the baby to bed immediately after his bottle is also an appropriate solution to avoid regurgitation.

Of course, whatever happens, never force baby to eat or drink when he categorically refuses. A baby who does not want to feed always has his reasons. You can also find several tips on Babybio for giving your baby a bottle properly.

burping him

Burping after a meal can help baby get rid of the air he eats. However, do not panic if he does not burp after each meal: this will not necessarily give him stomach aches.

Choosing an infant milk

It is possible that baby's little digestion problems are due to poor milk tolerance. Prefer organic infant milks as much as possible and ask your doctor for advice if in doubt.

Dress baby in clothes that fit

A diaper or pants that are too tight can compress your child's belly and cause abdominal pain. So always opt for clothes that fit or slightly looser, in order to facilitate digestion.

How to improve baby's digestion?

Did you do the right thing but baby still has trouble digesting? Several solutions can then be put in place to soothe baby in case of pain.

Massaging baby

If baby is squirming and seems to have a stomach ache, gently massage him with an appropriate oil (or cream) in the abdomen. Use your fingers to describe small circles by turning clockwise. You can also bend his legs very gently, bringing them towards his belly, then unbend them and so on, in order to promote the appearance of gas which will relieve him of the pain.

Do skin-to-skin

Placing the baby's belly against your abdomen (without wearing clothes) can calm your little one's digestive discomfort and reassure him.

Give baby a bath

Warm water can also sometimes reduce baby's digestive discomfort.

Rock baby in a soothing environment

In case of pain, rock your little one in a calm and soothing room that will not accentuate his discomfort. A stroller ride can also be a solution for some babies who like movement.

Prioritize fibers

When diversifying food, choose foods rich in fiber: green vegetables, fruits, compotes... This can help solve constipation problems that can cause stomach aches.

Consult in case of recurring problems

Does your baby regurgitate too much? He seems to be bothered at the level of the belly after each meal or does not gain enough weight? Consult your pediatrician or your doctor who will be able to put in place the most suitable solutions for baby's digestion problems.