Hygiene and care

5 essential products for baby's toilet

There is a multitude of products on the market today to wash your baby. You don't know where to start? Rest assured: you can ensure perfect hygiene for your baby with just a few essential products. Discover the 5 essential products for baby's daily hygiene!

Liniment, an essential product for baby's cleansing at diaper change time

Most maternity wards and pediatricians have been recommending the use of liniment for baby's diaper change for several years. This ancestral oleo-limestone product has the great advantage of being 100% made with natural ingredients, since it is mainly composed of olive oil and lime water. Another very practical advantage is that liniment leaves a light protective layer on baby's skin after use, which also makes it effective in preventing diaper rash. 

Which product should I choose for baby's diaper change?

Among the 5 references of care proposed, you will find a liniment oléo-calcaire certified organic ancestral composed of olive oil, beeswax and extract of carrot of Provence. Easy to apply, Babybio's Mythical Liniment effectively cleans your little ones' bottoms and offers a very pleasant light texture. 

A natural hair and body wash

Shower gel, shampoo, cleansing cream for the bath, oil... Today, there is a large quantity of products to give baby a bath. However, at this age, only one product is enough to wash the different parts of your child's body. Of course, here again, it is advisable to pay attention to the composition of each chosen product and to make sure that it preserves the skin of the infants well. 

Which product to choose for baby's bath?

Babybio has mobilized all its know-how to design a hair and body wash adapted to the fragile skin of little girls and boys. Bain de Malice gel with organic carrot extract from Provence gently cleanses baby's body and hair so that they are clean, soft and fragrant; it has a pleasant and deliciously scented texture. 

A moisturizing face & body cream

Babies' skin can be regularly subject to dryness. It is therefore important to apply a moisturizing cream daily to the body and face of children.  

Which product should I buy to moisturize my baby's skin?

The Babybio range includes a certified organic moisturizer, ideal for moisturizing baby's skin after bath time. Like all our other products, Babybio Tenderness Cream has a light and creamy texture that leaves the skin soft and protects it from drying out and external aggressions. 

A massage oil to soothe baby and protect his skin

Baby's bath is also a special time to massage your child and play with him. Applying a natural product that smells good to his skin will awaken his senses and make him discover new sensations. 

Which product should you choose to massage your child?

Babybio has developed a certified organic oil with carrot extract from Provence. Made in France, this baby massage oil can be applied to the body of infants from birth. It will promote a moment of relaxation that will soothe baby before sleep, thanks to its non-greasy fluid texture and its relaxing fragrance. 

A cleansing water for baby's face & body

The last essential care product to ensure perfect hygiene for baby: a water adapted to the epidermis of the baby's face and body, both capable of cleaning his skin on waking up and providing freshness. 

Which product should I choose to cleanse?

Pluie Délicate cleansing water developed by Babybio takes care of baby and teaches him the right gestures of well-being from the earliest age. Like all the other products in our certified organic baby care line, it has a subtle and delicate fragrance. 

All our baby care products have been tested under pediatric and dermatological control. Discover also our washable organic cotton squares to apply your creams and cares with the greatest softness and adopt a zero waste eco-responsible approach.