Hygiene and care

Baby hygiene: how to wash your child?

Good hygiene for your baby requires a daily cleansing adapted to the fragility of his skin. Today, with the multitude of products available for washing infants and young children, it's not always easy to find your way around. Take advantage of Babybio's advice to choose the best products for washing baby. 

Which products should I use to bathe my baby?

Baby's bath is a precious moment that we share with our child every day. During this exchange, your little one will enjoy discovering new sensations, and you will be able to enjoy a moment of great sensory and emotional richness together. 

The choice of hygiene products that you will use during his bath will be particularly important so that this moment of privileged intimacy remains a pleasure: the skin of your baby being still very fragile, it is necessary to use products adapted and formulated specifically to answer the characteristics of the skin of the toddlers. 

Which product should I choose for a baby's bath?

Midwives and pediatricians are now unanimous: it is now necessary to use products specific to infants (and therefore not to use products for adults).    

Babybio, a French brand specializing in certified organic products for babies, is now putting all its know-how at your disposal by creating a range of essential and sensory care products for the hygiene of babies from birth. Among our 5 eco-designed products, you will find a certified organic body & hair wash ideal for bath time. 

With organic carrot extract from Provence, like our entire product line, Babybio's baby wash effectively cleanses and gently protects the skin. Its creamy foam is easy to rinse and its formula leaves baby's skin and hair delicately scented.

Which product is best for daily cleansing?

Babybio Delicate Rain Cleansing Water provides baby with softness and freshness every day, while protecting his skin. Easy to apply to the body and face, this product with organic carrot extract awakens baby's senses in the early morning with tenderness. 

What products should you use to change your baby?

At diaper change time, your baby should be cleaned with adapted quality products, with a pleasant texture and delicately scented; your child will appreciate this moment of intimacy with you, will become aware of his body and will then gain confidence. 

Good to know: although very fashionable, disposable wet wipes are not recommended, as they generally contain many ingredients that can cause skin irritations. 

What hygiene products should I buy for my baby?

Most pediatricians and maternity hospitals now recommend liniment for baby's intimate hygiene. A mixture of olive oil and lime water, this ancient solution also has the advantage of leaving a protective veil on baby's skin after application. 

Babybio offers you a certified organic liniment with carrot extract from Provence, olive oil and beeswax that effectively cleans your little one's bottom. Like all our care products, Babybio Mythical Liniment is perfectly adapted to baby's fragile skin.

To help you apply the liniment to your child's skin, Babybio has designed washable organic cotton wipes that are infinitely soft. Zero waste because they are reusable, our Carrés Doudou are particularly practical at diaper change time, as well as after the bath. 

Our range of organic baby care products also includes a massage oil to protect your baby's skin, as well as a light moisturizing cream to protect it from drying out and external aggressions. 

You can find several tips online to limit dry skin problems and ensure perfect hygiene for your baby, or to give him a bath in the right way!