Baby care

5 tips to fight against baby's dry skin

"Having a baby's skin" is often the dream of adults. However, contrary to what the saying goes, the skin of babies and young children is more sensitive to external aggressions and dehydrates very quickly. It is therefore important to opt for a routine and care products adapted to baby's skin. Discover our 5 tips to give your baby soft and moisturized skin!

1 - Avoid giving baby a daily bath

As a baby's skin is particularly fragile, it is not advisable to bathe your little one every day of the week. And even less when he already has very dry skin! It is not necessary to give your child a daily bath until he is 2 or 3 years old, because his skin naturally protects itself from external aggressions. Bath water, on the other hand, will contribute to the drying out of his skin, especially if the bathing time is prolonged. 

The good gestures to adopt: 

- Reduce the frequency of baths;

- Favour warm water (do not exceed 35 degrees if baby's skin is very dry);

- Choose a soft soap or a special baby hair and body wash certified organic. The gel Bain de Malice Babybio with carrot extract from Provence is ideal;

- Dry your child quickly after the bath by patting his skin with the towel, not by rubbing it. 

2 - Moisturize baby's skin as soon as he gets out of the bath

Your baby's skin needs to be moisturized regularly. Wait until after the bath, when his skin has just dried: this is the best time to apply a moisturizing product. With this daily ritual, your little one will be much less prone to dry skin problems. Massaging your child with a natural oil every day is also essential to prevent dry skin problems.  

The right gestures to adopt: 

- Choose a cream that moisturizes and nourishes baby's skin. With carrot extract from Provence, Babybio Tenderness Cream face & body care effectively moisturizes baby's skin;

- Apply the cream every day in case of dryness;

- Massage baby with an oil of natural origin that will effectively protect his skin against dryness problems. Babybio massage oil, made from organic sunflower oil, will help you massage baby gently and tenderly. 

3 - Changing baby with natural products

It is also essential to clean your baby's bottom at diaper change time with a gentle, natural product that will prevent irritation and the appearance of redness. 

The good gestures to adopt:  

- Favour liniment, a mixture of olive oil and lime water, such as Babybio's oleo-limestone liniment;

- Use washable wipes - discover Babybio's organic cotton doudou squares, which are particularly soft and pleasant for baby;

- Be sure to dry baby's bottom before putting a diaper on him.

4 - Take good care of baby's clothes

Poorly cared for clothes or clothes washed with unsuitable detergent can cause irritation and dry skin for toddlers. A towel that is too rough, for example, will contribute to attacking baby's skin. 

The good gestures to adopt: 

- Wash baby's clothes with a hypoallergenic liquid detergent, preferably organic;

- Use less detergent or extend the rinse cycle.

5 - Choose quality clothing

Many textile materials can irritate baby's skin. This is particularly true of wool and synthetic materials. While it is difficult to limit the use of synthetics completely, proscribe any direct contact between this material and your child's skin (or with wool, for that matter). 

The right thing to do: 

- Choose 100% cotton onesies;

- Choose natural materials with the Oeko-Tex® label;

- Protect baby's face with a scarf on cold days.

Our new range of certified organic skin care products will help you actively fight against your baby's dry skin!