When and how to prepare your maternity suitcase ?

Preparing a maternity suitcase is often a source of questions for future parents. When should it be prepared? What should it contain? What items should not be forgotten? Babybio answers all your questions and allows you to approach this stage with serenity. 

When should you pack your maternity suitcase?

Don't worry: there is no obligation regarding the date of preparation of your maternity suitcase. Some will prefer to anticipate as much as possible, others will take their time. The key, of course, is to choose the least stressful option for you. However, to be perfectly prepared if your little one shows up earlier than expected, think about finishing your suitcase around the 8th month of pregnancy. 

What to put in your maternity suitcase?

The ideal is to plan two separate bags: 

- The first one will allow you to take the things you will need on the day of the birth;

- The second one, the maternity suitcase, will be essential to take with you all the things you and your baby will need during your stay in the maternity ward.

How to prepare your bag for the birth room?

This first bag will be very useful for you on the day of the birth, as well as for the father and the midwives. You can use a backpack, for example, or your baby's future diaper bag. The bag for the birth room should contain 

- A pouch (fabric or plastic) containing baby's first outfit (a vest, a bonnet, socks, pajamas, a bodysuit, a sleeping bag). If you have no particular indications concerning the size of your child, choose clothes that are 1 month old;

- Your medical file and pregnancy follow-up (ultrasounds, blood tests, blood types...);

- Your papers (identity documents, health insurance card, Vitale card, insurance, family record book if applicable...);

- Your wallet with change (which could be very useful if you want to ask the young father to go to the coffee machine);

- Water and fruit juice (apple or grape), which is now allowed in most maternity wards during delivery;

- A garment covering the chest and legs (a sarong or kimono is very practical), socks, a pair of slippers (or flip-flops), a vest.

How to prepare the maternity suitcase?

For the maternity suitcase, choose a large suitcase or a very bulky sports bag. It should ideally contain 

- Between 5 and 7 baby bodysuits (the models that open on the front are particularly recommended for this age);

- Between 5 and 7 pajamas;

- A cardigan and a hat for baby;

- 2 to 3 pairs of socks for baby;

- 4 to 6 diapers;

- Two baby towels;

- Baby care products, such as a body wash and moisturizing oil (the maternity ward will advise you on which products to use; discover Babybio's entire certified organic care line to use from birth!

- A sleeping bag;

- A body thermometer and a bath thermometer (depending on the services offered by the maternity hospital);

- Diapers (depending on the maternity ward);

- An outing outfit for baby adapted to the season;

- Your belongings for the stay (towels, 3 to 4 comfortable and loose-fitting outfits, slippers, a toiletry kit with neutral soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitary napkins, disposable panties or old panties);

- Provisions for small hunger;

- 2 to 3 nursing bras, pads and nipple cream if you are breastfeeding;

- A nursing pillow;

- A nightlight.

Of course, it is essential to consult the list provided by your maternity hospital before packing your suitcase and your delivery bag. Find out more about pregnancy and breastfeeding tips with Babybio!

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