How to involve the future dad during pregnancy?

Although more and more men are playing the role of "daddy hen", some may still have difficulty finding their place during pregnancy. Does your partner sometimes feel helpless in the face of the situation, or seem a little detached despite his good intentions? Don't panic: there are several solutions that can help him or her get more involved during this period!

Ask the father to talk about his feelings during the pregnancy

For the mother-to-be, as well as for the father-to-be, pregnancy is a very emotional time, which often triggers many questions and some quite natural apprehensions! Sometimes, the father-to-be has difficulty reacting to this upheaval and does not always express what he feels. 

To include him more in your relationship with your baby, ask him to put his feelings into words, and then tell him in turn how you feel: this step will help him feel fully involved in the pregnancy, but also to understand that these moments can be experienced together, even if he does not carry your child in his belly.  

Sharing knowledge about pregnancy

For future parents, pregnancy is necessarily a big step towards the unknown. For the father, who does not physically feel the changes that it generates, a pregnancy can even be a very abstract moment. Learning about the different stages of pregnancy, understanding the development of the fetus, and knowing how the baby is evolving in your belly month by month will help your partner to be more involved and to feel even more concerned on the big day! 

Pregnancy books, podcasts, Internet videos, TV shows, Babybio advice articles... There is no shortage of resources to help you learn more about pregnancy!

Going to ultrasounds as a couple

There is probably nothing more moving than attending prenatal ultrasounds with your loved one. In addition to bringing you intense joy, this moment can help the father-to-be become even more aware of the existence of your child, but also of his role as a father. It is also the ideal moment for him to question the doctor and get answers to his questions. And it will make you even more involved during your pregnancy!

Preparing for baby's arrival together

Preparing the maternity suitcase, choosing clothes, buying the necessary products for baby's diet, selecting the most suitable care products, decorating the room... So many tasks that you can share together and that will also allow the father-to-be to get more involved before the arrival of your child. 

Participate in childbirth preparation classes

Attending childbirth preparation classes with the father is now very common. Although this is not mandatory (neither for him nor for you), it can be an additional solution to help your partner better understand the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Adapting to the changes that take place during your pregnancy

Pregnancy inevitably brings about some changes in a couple's life. By knowing the foods you can no longer eat, by helping you prepare adapted meals, by knowing your difficulties in sleeping in certain positions and by supporting you in your efforts, the father-to-be will feel even more concerned and will thus have an easier time finding his place before the arrival of the baby. 

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