From 4 months - Diversification

How to give baby the first potty?

Is your child starting the period of food diversification? You don't know which food to choose to meet your nutritional needs? Babybio helps you introduce baby food jars!

When to offer baby food jars ?

Dietary diversification is a key step for the growth and development of an infant. It is during this period (between 4 and 6 months, and after favorable medical opinion) that the baby will be able to discover new foods in addition to breast (or infant) milk. In order for everything to go well, it is important to gradually accompany your child in this new adventure:

- Foods must be introduced gradually, one at a time, in order to better develop baby's taste and to be able to detect any allergies

- The food must be all offered in liquid form (mashed all smooth), then in pieces

- The quantities change as the child grows - 1 meal, then 1 meal + a snack, then 2 meals ...

  • What small pot to give at the start of diversification ?

Soft, non-fibrous fruits and vegetables (carrots, green beans, zucchini, etc.) are the first foods that baby will be able to taste. These foods should first be prepared as a smooth puree. The purees in pieces can be introduced from the 8th month of the child.

Babybio has cooked delicious little jars of organic vegetables for young children. Discover, for example, our small pot of Aquitaine peas, the Violina squash puree from our organic farm or our tasty vegetable garden. For afternoon tea and dessert, Babybio also offers a full range of small fruit jars, to be discovered from 4 months old (banana / apple, mirabelle plums / apples, pears from Provence, etc.). The organic vegetables and fruits used in our recipes come mainly from French regions.

  • Which small pot to give from 6 months ?

From 6 months, baby will be able to discover starchy foods (rice, semolina, dough, infant cereals, etc.), meat, fish and eggs. These ingredients should be mixed with vegetables to facilitate their absorption.

Babybio offers you a wide variety of small jars for this period of food diversification. Find original and tasty recipes such as Vendée green beans, potatoes and wild hake or spinach potatoes with dill salmon!

The vast majority of Babybio preparations are made with French organic products. Vary the flavors thanks to the diversity of our offer, of course always paying attention to possible allergies.

How to introduce the first small pot ?

While giving baby their first potty is often a joyful and loving time, your child may not immediately appreciate these new foods. Several steps can help you gain confidence:

- Favor a time when baby is in a good mood and seems ready to discover new things

- Take a small spoon suitable for the infant's mouth

- Warm the vegetable puree (to avoid any risk of burning)

- If baby is not reassured, place him on your lap

- Opt for a small pot offering a single flavor (for example our little pot with carrots from the Center-Val de Loire or our little pot with Violina squash ...)

- Start by offering your child a very small amount of mash

Either way, never force baby to eat his potty if he doesn't want to. Try again at another time and don't worry! Each child has their own pace and preferences. If your little one doesn't want to eat with a spoon, you can also offer him a taste with his fingers, or try incorporating a very liquid puree in his bottle to familiarize him with these new flavors.