From 4 months - Diversification

What snack to give to baby?

Who has never felt a bit of nostalgia when thinking back to the delicious snacks of their childhood? Today, as a parent, it is now up to you to awaken your little one's taste buds! Of course, if the pleasure must remain essential at snack time, it is essential to provide the child with all the nutrients he needs to grow and flourish: contrary to what one might think, the snack is as important as the other meals for a baby, and this from the age of 6 months - it actually covers 25% of the recommended daily energy intake.

Looking for tips on providing snacks for your little one? Discover with Babybio ideas for snacks adapted to the nutritional needs of your child according to his age and his development!

What snack for the first months of baby?

- The WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding until the age of 6 months. So you do not have to prepare a snack before starting the diversification.

From 4 to 6 months: a first snack consisting of breast milk and fruit puree

Between 4 and 6 months, we cannot yet really talk about snacking because breast milk is recommended until 6 months. You can start offering a small snack to your baby during the afternoon in addition to the bottle. Fruit puree is practical for this, because it allows you to start learning to spoon – at this age, there is no need to give more than 3 or 4 teaspoons of puree. The fruits must also be cooked and mixed.

You don't always have time to prepare a fruit purée? Babybio has used all its know-how to produce delicious fruit purees to be enjoyed from 4 months. 100% fruit, no added sugar, these compotes made in France with ingredients from organic farming will introduce your child to several flavors. For example, offer him our succulent Corsican clementine jars, our New Aquitaine Apple and Agen Pruneau jars or the tasty Occitanie Peach-New Aquitaine Apple jar!

From 6 to 8 months: the age of the first real snack for baby

Around 6/7 months, baby enters the period of the first "real" snacks: this is the age when his diet is half-solid, half-liquid (always according to the pediatrician's recommendations, of course). It is therefore necessary to keep a bottle of infant milk (about 210 ml) and supplement it with a full portion of fruit puree (about 100 grams). Babybio is again an ally of choice for parents thanks to its wide range of fruit purees to discover in small jars or in gourd format. Offer original flavors to babies such as the banana, strawberry and mint jar from Ile-de-France, the Elderflower mango gourd or the apple and fig gourd from Provence.

When your little one has become familiar with this amount of fruit puree, you can replace the bottle of infant milk (subject to favorable medical advice) with a milk dessert, cottage cheese or a small Swiss cheese (100 grams ). Be careful, however: the yogurts and milk preparations that you will give him must be specially designed for infants (standard industrial products generally do not offer a level of proteins and sugars suitable for babies).

Discover, for example, the delicious Babybio dairy desserts for babies, including the sheep's milk soup with mango, the goat's cheese soup with apricot from Occitanie and the banana, the Pear of Provence-Cinnamon soup or the Raspberry-Banana soup. With cow's, goat's or sheep's milk (depending on the range), our brews all offer you organic recipes without added sugars which are an excellent source of calcium at snack time.

Has your child just turned 8 months old? Introduce him to new flavors by offering him our cocoa semolina cream for a taste! Of course, if your toddler is still reluctant to eat formula, continue to give him a bottle of infant milk to provide him with the recommended amount of milk.

At 1 year old: a balanced snack for baby

At 12 months, baby is already well into the food diversification phase. He is now able to eat several foods. The snack must then be a small, complete and balanced meal. Suggest for this:

- a dairy product (dairy dessert, whole milk yogurt, Swiss cheese, etc.) or a bottle of infant milk (the growth formula now replaces second-age milk). At this age, still favor dairy products specially developed for babies, such as Babybio brewed with good French milk.

- a fruit, which your child will be able to taste in small pieces. These small pieces of fruit can be given to babies as they are (cooked or soft), in the form of purees or incorporated into their dairy product; Vary the pleasures every day with a different fruit: apple, banana, peach, apricot, orange, kiwi...

-        A starchy food. Around 12 months (and if baby is ready), baby's masticatory abilities allow him to suck on a small piece of bread or easily bite into a boudoir; Babybio has also developed delicious infant cereals. With various flavors (cocoa, vanilla, etc.), no added sugar, embellished with fruit for certain ranges, these cereals from organic farming will delight babies at snack time. Find our cocoa cereals with quinoa, 3 fruit cereals or vanilla cereals online. Do you want to introduce your child to saltier flavors for a snack? Our selection offers several baby cereals with vegetables!

From 2 to 3 years old: the snack of all pleasures

At 2 years old (or 18 months for some children), your toddler now has all the faculties to eat a real grown-up snack! His teeth, which have grown well, allow him to eat and discover a greater variety of textures. Thus, although it is always essential to offer him a balanced snack (dairy + fruit + cereal), you can now expand the list of foods and introduce real pieces.

Your little boy or girl will therefore be able to enjoy a slice of bread and jam (or fresh cheese), fruit cut into pieces and a dairy product such as a plain brew, a Babybio fruit brew, a small Swiss or a white cheese (if he has not already eaten cheese with his toast). The basis of the snack food therefore remains similar, but it is the textures that evolve. As for the quantities, although the caloric needs increase little between the 18 months and the 3 years of the child, do not hesitate to change them if your little one never seems satisfied.

Cereals, dairy desserts, fruit... Find the delicious products developed by Babybio online for baby snacks and take advantage of all our advice for successfully feeding your child a balanced diet that meets their needs!