From 12 months - Infant milks

Why Grow Baby Milk ?

Baby grows and his nutritional needs change. From 10-12 months and up to 3 years of age, babies will still need to consume 500 ml of infant milk per day. But not just any milk: a growth milk adapted to the nutritional needs specific to its age.

The essential nutrients of Milk Growth

From the age of 1 year, a question frequently arises: should I give specific infant milk to my baby or can I give him classic cow or goat milk without any other addition? Be aware that the composition of these milks is not the same. Before 3 years of age, cow's milk or goat's milk alone does not yet meet the specific nutritional needs of babies, whose bodies are still immature.

Before 3 years of age, cow's milk does not yet meet your baby's specific nutritional needs. That’s why Babybio developed Babybio Croissance. It contains more iron, more essential fatty acids and less protein than cow's milk

Choose your Babybio Growth milk: powder or liquid ?

What is the difference between these two formulas? Practicality! Some parents prefer ready-to-use liquid formulas, while others prefer milk powder cans for their smaller size.

In addition to the Growth milk based on cow's milk, Babybio offers you a Growth milk based on goat's milk.

The pediatric recommendations indicate the importance of consuming 500ml of growth milk per day for up to 3 years.


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