Our Commitments

Discover the values ​​that drive every Babybio employee every day.

Babybio has always been committed to the baby’s future by providing it with authentic food that respects the environment through the use of organic ingredients, with recipes close to home-made. Babybio is subject to two regulations, that of infant food and that of organic farming.

Made In France

Did you know that Babybio is French and manufactures its products in France ?

Indeed, specialist in organic infant food, we design and manufacture Babybio products in France, which contributes to the dynamics of the local economy and to the maintenance of jobs in our regions.

Established in the South West of France, Babybio is the first French brand to have offered organic infant milk in 1996. In addition, we favor the French origin of our ingredients. The cow's milk from our infant milks as well as all our meats come from France.

We want to promote the operators of our regions and highlight our eco-responsible approach by mentioning the origin of our ingredients on all our small pots, gourds, sachets, bowls and plates.

So choosing Babybio means choosing high quality baby products.

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Strict selection of our ingredients

Here are the 4 pillars on which our brand is built every day to guarantee you the best of nature

Origin of raw materials

Babybio carefully selects the geographical origin of its ingredients, favoring local producers.

Babybio turns primarily to French producers. When this is not possible, it most often obtains supplies from neighboring European countries (Spain, Italy, etc.).


Babybio is the only infant brand to mention the origin of the ingredients on its small jars, gourds, bowls, sachets and plates, in the interests of transparency towards its consumers.

The origins indicated on the products are likely to evolve due to our requirements in the choice of producers and the difficulties of supplying organic raw materials.

Quality of selected ingredients

Babybio is subject to very strict infant regulations. We therefore have a very strong requirement on the quality of the raw materials used and rigorous controls are carried out upon receipt. We also attach particular importance to the nutritional properties of our ingredients.

Sustainable relationships with producers

Babybio strives to establish lasting relationships with its producers and attaches particular importance to the construction of organic supply chains in order to be as close as possible to producers and breeders.

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Like at home

Homemade recipes rich in fruits and vegetables ?

Babybio's recipes are developed with the aim of getting as close as possible to "homemade" from a taste point of view.

Our recipes are without unnecessary supplementation. Thus, all of our products are without thickeners and are generally without added sugars * or added salt.

We are also adapting our formulas by eliminating the main recognized allergens as much as possible so that each baby, according to his allergic predispositions, can benefit from a suitable tasty diet.

Babybio therefore participates in the nutritional and taste education of children from the first months.

* they contain naturally occurring sugars

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Our packaging

The quality of our products depends on the careful choice of our packaging in order to select the containers best suited to our recipes.

We have been working for years in close collaboration with our suppliers to be able to improve our packaging and its environmental impact.

We try to use recycled materials as much as possible: this is the case with all our cardboard boxes. You will recognize them with the small logo "printed on recycled cardboard".

All Babybio packaging is also Bisphenol A-free, in accordance with regulations.


Concerned about the impact of its products on the environment, Babybio has teamed up with 12 other organic brands to create a collective whose ambitious project is a national recycling program for plastic packaging.

OBJECTIVE? Give a second life to flexible and rigid plastic packaging such as gourds, sachets and bowls, by bringing them to your favorite organic store.

More than 600 collection points:

Just go to one of the participating collection points in an organic store. Each point is listed on the interactive map of the site www.collectibio.fr. Each organic store can register on the site to set up a new collection point.

For what purpose?

The packages are weighed, sorted and then crushed to become plastic granules which are then melted and transformed into objects of current use (swing, watering can ...).

For more information on the Collectibio recycling collective and to find a collection point near you, go to www.collectibio.fr.

 Our packaging / products may be subject to sorting instructions. www.consignesdetri.fr

Garbage sorting

Sorting our packaging allows:

- to save the natural resources used to manufacture packaging by avoiding waste

- limit pollution linked to the accumulation of waste and other products rejected by humans

- to manufacture new objects: once our waste has been sorted, it can be recycled and become new objects: recycled paper and cardboard are again used for newspapers, cardboard packaging ...

- to save energy: recycling materials and waste will require less energy consumption than creating new materials.

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