Podcast Babybien

Babybien: The first podcast dedicated to baby awakening

Jeanne-Marie and Benjamin, two young parents curious about everything, share their experiences and discoveries, related to the well-being of the baby. Each episode introduces you to a new approach, which puts baby pleasure at the heart of the process: massage for babies, baby swimmers, communication by signs, etc.

Imagined by and for parents, this podcast is a real odyssey of happiness alongside Babybio, explorer of the pleasure of toddlers.

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Babybien | Épisode 1Baby and massage: well-being at your fingertips

Relax, warm our hands and take our time. In this episode discover a way to create a unique interaction with baby: massage. The few good tips that Jeanne-Marie and Benjamin went to glean, you will learn more about this beautiful moment of complicity. Ready to go?


  • Anaïs Roland-Gosselin - Sophrologist www.anaissance.fr
  • Mélanie Lüder - Natbé Association www.asso.natbe.fr/les-ateliers-partenaires/massage-bebe
  • Cécile Vienot - Child and adolescent psychologist www.cecilevienot.fr

Babybien | Épisode 2Communication by signs with baby: a gesture will suffice ...

A sign is enough, but not only! In this episode, Jeanne-Marie and Benjamin introduce you to the practice of gestural communication, associated with speech. Because long before our babies speak, they already have a lot to tell us. So, do we start the dialogue with baby?


  • Isabelle Cottenceau - Association Eveil et Signes www.eveiletsignes.com
  • Marion Gaignet - Maya Company founded by Sophie d'Olce www.compagniemaya.com
  • Sarah Hervé - Speech therapist www.doctolib.fr/orthophoniste/argenteuil/sarah-herve

babybien | Épisode 3In music with baby: concerto in areuh minor

In this episode, Jeanne-Marie and Benjamin reveal to you a new method for gently awakening babies: music. Humming up a nursery rhyme, listening to music, all these simple pleasures that could connect you to each other in a surprising way. Going for some vocalizations?


  • Agnès Chaumié - Childhood and Music Label www.agneschaumie-unairdenfance.fr/musique/#livres-disques
  • Elisabeth Esclattier - Ateliers 123 Framboises www.123framboises.fr

Baby bien | Épisode 4Going out with baby: everyone on the go!

All out! Take out the strollers, put the baby slings on your shoulder: in this episode, Jeanne-Marie and Benjamin invite you to go out with baby. Our two baby wellness adventurers have found you the cream of the crop for activities between (very) young and old. So, are we on our way?


  • Le Cafézoïde - Children's Cafés Network www.cafezoide.asso.fr
  • Bruno Dal Palu - Psychotherapist psychologist www.bdp-‐rh.eu
  • Magali Delecourt - La Câlinette reception site www.lille.fr/Nos-‐equipements/Lieu-‐de-‐Parentalite-‐La-‐Calinette
  • Pauline Lamy - The Pocket Museum www.museedepoche.fr

Baby bien | Épisode 5Baby yoga: open your baby chakras

We open our chakras: make way for mini-yogis! In this episode, Jeanne-Marie and Benjamin roll out the carpet for their little tribes and set off to explore baby yoga. But no question of chaining the sun salutations with baby in your arms: we give you all the tips to get started with peace of mind! Ready for a Zen trip?


  • Mathilde Elind - Physiotherapist, specialist in pre & post-natal Yoga - www.instagram.com/physiomathildeelind
  • Morgane Hamon - Masseuse-physiotherapist and Yoga teacher - www.bebeyoga.fr
  • Sophie Dumoutet - Hypno-practitioner, Yoga teacher - www.sophiedumoutet.com
  • Dominique Leyronnas - Pediatrician, neonatologist - Author "Le guide de mon bébé au naturel (0-2ans)

Baby bien | Épisode 6Baby stories: stories are good!

Once upon a time there were babies with a rich and abundant imagination ... and this is not a legend! Prepare your most beautiful suave voice: Jeanne-Marie and Benjamin went in search of essential tips to captivate and take baby on board in the imagination of storytelling. So we reset the storytellers, ready to share a moment of pleasure with baby?


  • Valérie Roumanoff - Hypnotherapist - storyteller https://www.pourallermieux.com/
  • Lili Caillou - Storyteller https://lilicaillou.jimdofree.com/