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Why change your infant milk formulas ?

A new European regulation on infant formula comes into effect from February 2020. To meet this new requirement, we are reformulating all of our Babybio infant formula.

What formulas are concerned ?

All our infant formula formulas are affected by this new regulation. Our Primea, Optima, Caprea and Croissance ranges are therefore set to change.


What are the advantages of these new formulas ?

All our Babybio infant formula will contain:

- DHA *, an essential fatty acid from the omega 3 family

- ARA, an essential fatty acid from the omega 6 family, which ensures a balanced DHA / ARA ratio

 * in accordance with the regulations applicable in 2020

To find out the specifics of each formula, we invite you to consult the product sheets.

What should I replace the current powder growth formula ?

The current powder growth formula will be gradually replaced by 2 formulas: Primea Croissance and Optima Croissance. Both meet the specific needs of infants between 10 months and 3 years old, in accordance with regulations. They contain more iron, more essential fatty acids and less protein than cow's milk *. They also provide vitamin D, which contributes to bone growth *.

* in accordance with regulations

For more information, please refer to the product sheets.


When will these new formulas be available in store ?

The formulas will gradually arrive in stores (supermarkets, organic stores, pharmacies) from November 2019. Note that you will be able to find on the shelf, both our current formulas and our new ones. This period of cohabitation will vary and differ from one store to another.

Do not hesitate to contact your store for more information on this subject.


New formulas can cause inconvenience to baby ?

The new Babybio infant milk formulas are evolving according to the new regulations. As explained in the "Benefits of these formulas" box, the content of certain ingredients changes, which can cause discomfort in babies.

We advise you to gradually introduce the new formula according to a scheme which could be:

· 1 bottle of the new formula on the 1st day

· 2 bottles of the new formula on the 2nd day

· So on, adapting according to the number of bottles taken per baby.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with your healthcare professional, who can assist you in this transition.



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Where does your Babybio cow milk come from ?

The cow milk in the Babybio recipe comes from cows reared on French pastures. The cows are fed with grass or organic forage and, in compliance with organic regulations, preventive treatment by antibiotics is forbidden.

Does Babybio market newborn milk ?

Breast milk is the best food source for the specific needs of infants up to 6 months of age.

As a result, European regulations forbid advertising by infant milk producers about milk for newborns.

For this reason we cannot present our newborn infant milk (for 0-6-month-olds) on the Babybio website or in its documentation.

However, if you cannot or do not wish to breastfeed your baby, a health professional can help you choose the best milk for your child.

For more information on our products, please contact us. We are happy to give you information.

When can I start follow-on milk ?

We invite you to ask the advice of your baby's health professional before beginning or changing infant milks. Babybio Optima 2, Lunea 2, Primea 2 or Caprea 2 can be proposed as of age 6 months as a complement to a diversified diet.

I am currently giving a follow-on milk from another brand and I want to change to Babybio follow-on milk. What should I do ?

Changing from one brand of milk to another must be done progressively and always after having sought the opinion of the health professionals who follows your baby. You can start by replacing the day bottles by a bottle of follow-on Babybio milk. You do the same for 1 or 2 days, then you replace a 2nd bottle by follow-on Babybio milk and so on until complete replacement.

How long will my bottle of Babybio milk keep once it has been prepared ?

We recommend that you carefully close your boxes of Babybio infant milk after each use and store them in a cool and dry place, such as a kitchen cupboard, in order to preserve all their organoleptic and nutritional qualities.

The conservation of powdered milk prior to opening is ensured by vacuum packaging. However, if the box has been opened for more than 4 weeks, the quality of the product may be altered due to the presence of oxygen. The vitamin content will decrease. The product is also affected by humidity, which can favorize the development of microbes in case of improper storage conditions. Moreover, powdered milks contain vegetable oils which are sensitive to air oxidation.

For all these reasons, we advise you to respect the recommendations indicated on the boxes and consume the product with 4 weeks after opening.

Can Babybio infant milks be reconstituted with room-temperature water ?

The optimal reconstitution conditions to ensure complete dissolution of the infant milk powder and limit the formation of lumps are to use water with a low mineral content and to heat it to 35-40°C.

However, there are no contraindications concerning the reconstitution of bottles with room-temperature water.

Simply add the powder after having put the adequate quantity of water in the bottle, then roll the bottle between the hands. Shaking the bottle up and down (being sure the nipple is tightly capped) will finish dissolving the last grains of powder.

For all these reasons, we advise you to respect the recommendations indicated on the boxes and consume the product with 4 weeks after opening.

Does the 7 logo under the bottles of Babybio Croissance indicate the presence of BPA ?

Before utilizing any new packaging, we demand numerous guarantees from our suppliers in order to be able to select the best-adapted containers for our recipes. For example, we provide our suppliers with very strict specifications which all of our packs must meet, so we can guarantee their compatibility with our food products. In parallel, we have completed a series of analyses which demonstrate that compatibility.

In this way, we're certain that the bottles of Babybio Croissance are free from Bisphenol A, in accordance with European regulations.

It's interesting to note that the number 7 in the center of the logo on the packaging signifies that it is composed of an association of different materials. It doesn't confirm the presence of BPA but implies that the packaging is composed of different plastics which may include polycarbonate, nylon, EVOH, polypropylene and other plastics.

What nipples are compatible with Babybio Croissance 25cl bottles that can be transformed into baby bottles? ?

Since August 2018, Babybio 25cl bottles are now convertible into baby bottles thanks to the narrow teats. They are also called narrow-necked nipples.

Can I mix Babybio Cereals in a milk bottle ?

You can of course add Babybio infant cereals to your milk bottle, always respecting the doses indicated on the packaging. The 3 Fruits and Vanilla cereals can be given from 6 months and those with Cocoa or the 3 Natural Cereals from 8 months.

Can we freeze the rest of your jars ?

After opening, our small pots keep 48 hours in the refrigerator. You can also freeze the rest of a small jar (if it has not been reheated) and consume it within one month of freezing.

Do BABYBIO packaging contain Bisphenol A ?

We confirm that BABYBIO packaging is Bisphenol A free, in accordance with the regulations. In addition, be aware that before using any new packaging, our suppliers are required to have many guarantees, in order to select the containers best suited to our recipes.

Do you use hydrogenated oil in your products ?

None of our products contain hydrogenated oil.

Why did you choose to put sugar in your boudoirs ?

Babybio boudoirs have a crunchy and melting consistency which facilitates the piercing of teeth. This consistency is obtained thanks to a very specific formula and manufacturing process. Sugar is one of the ingredients that allows you to get this very special texture.

Important: to taste his boudoir, baby must be in a sitting position under the watchful eye of an adult.

I can no longer find Babybio cereals in my usual store. What is the reason ?

We would like to inform you that we are currently experiencing difficulties in supplying organic rice flour, suitable for infant nutrition. This therefore impacts our 4 Babybio cereal recipes but know that we are doing everything to allow a new supply, in accordance with our quality requirements. To date, we cannot give you an exact date of availability in your stores. However, a gradual return of products is expected during March-April. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and do our best to satisfy you at best.

I'm looking for your products. How can I find your points of sale ?

Our products are distributed throughout France, in most organic stores and supermarkets. They can also be ordered in all pharmacies. You will also find them on some websites. If you want to know precisely our different points of sale, you can consult our section Points of Sale.

What is "Babynat" ?

Babynat is a range highlighting recipes concocted with wild fish, from sustainable fishing. These fish live in the wild, they cannot be certified according to the mode of production of organic farming.

What does "sustainable fishing" mean ?

It is a fishing method that combines and guarantees methods that respect the environment and biodiversity, namely:

- Sustainable fish stocks (the fishing effort must be at a level which ensures the sustainability of fish populations)

- Minimized environmental impact (fishing activities must be so as to maintain the structure, productivity, function and diversity of the ecosystem)

- Efficient management of fisheries (the fishery must comply with the laws in force and must have a management system allowing it to adapt to various changes).

Source: MSC website

Why wild fish ?

We make the choice to awaken baby's taste buds to new flavors. This taste awakening involves discovering different species of fish: trout, cod, salmon, hake. Some of them, such as cod and hake, are wild and from sustainable fishing.