Hygiene and care

Baby Bath

The bath is a privileged moment of relaxation and play. During this ritual, baby becomes familiar with hygiene gestures, while discovering his body and various sensations (feeling of water on the body and face, perfumes, foam, etc.). To give your baby a bath with complete peace of mind, we are pleased to share a few tips with you.

How often should you bathe your baby?

You can give the bath every day, if your baby seems to enjoy this moment, or if it is very hot, it promotes relaxation and prepares for a good sleep. However, if baby does not yet seem to appreciate the pleasures of bathing, a frequency of 2 or 3 times a week may be sufficient. Let yourself be guided by your feelings, your common sense and adapt to your daily rhythm in order to be able to devote sufficient time to it. In short, as you will have understood, it is better to favor quality over quantity!

However, remember to wash baby's hands and face regularly (for example after each meal) as well as the seat (at each change).

The bathtub and bath accessories

Choose equipment adapted to your baby's morphology and stage of development (seat, recliner, specific baby baths, etc.). On the other hand, you can distract your baby with games suitable for infant bathing, which we advise you to dry after each use. Finally, a good thermometer to measure the temperature of the water and the room is particularly useful.

In any case, it is important to use equipment that complies with current safety standards.

Prepare the equipment you need (thermometer, cleaning product, towel, clothes, etc.), ... by placing it near you and baby, so that you always have a hand on your baby.

In any case, always keep eye contact to stay attentive to his needs and share these precious moments with him.

The right water and bathroom temperature

The room temperature should ideally be between 22 and 25°C and the water temperature should be 37°C. Mix the water to obtain a uniform temperature and check the water temperature carefully using a thermometer and possibly your elbow, just before putting baby in his bath. Close the taps tightly and cool them with a jet of cold water is a good reflex to adopt too.

How to give the bath?

Remember to communicate with baby, explaining to him what you are going to do and offering him to relax, to fully appreciate this moment.

There are two methods for bathing babies, namely:

1st method:

1- If baby does not yet know how to sit up or if you do not use a bathing recliner, place baby in the water by holding him under the armpit, his neck and his head resting on your wrist and your forearm. arms. You can then free the other hand to soap it.

2- Take in the palm of your hand, a knob of Malice Babybio Bath and start with the hair which you then rinse with the bath water.

3- Continue with the face then the rest of the body, repeating the operation, taking care to go from the cleanest to the dirtiest and always rinsing baby with bath water.

4- To get baby out of the water, proceed in the same way as to put him in the water, holding him well with both hands.

5- Place it on the changing table then immediately wrap your baby in a towel or get out of the bath, if possible previously heated.

6- Then dry your baby starting with the head, insisting on the folds of the neck, under the armpits then between the fingers and the folds of the buttocks.

7- Then comes the time to put on a diaper and dress baby so that he stays warm.

2nd method: During the first months, it may be more reassuring to soap baby on the changing table before immersing him in water to rinse him. In this case, hold it firmly under the armpits so that your hands do not slip. Start with the hands then go up through the arm and the torso then go down again towards the belly, the legs and the feet to finish with the buttocks. Soap your head in the bath.

Listen to your feelings and your baby's needs to adapt the duration of the bath. And a little tip check the water temperature from time to time so that baby stays warm.