From 6 months - Infant milk

How to prepare and store the bottle

Do you want to know how to best prepare and store your baby's bottles? Here are some good reflexes that will allow your baby to fully enjoy this special moment.

Bottle preparation in 6 steps

    1. Wash your hands and sit on a clean work surface.
    2. Pour the required amount of water into the bottle, depending on your baby's age and the prescriptions in the box. Choose a weakly mineralized water, with the mention "suitable for the preparation of food for infants" or a significant logo.
    3. Depending on your habits, heat the bottle using a bottle warmer or a double boiler, with water at 40 ° C maximum. The use of the microwave oven is not recommended because it does not allow uniform heating, which can lead to a risk of burns. For information, reconstitution at room temperature is possible
    4. Enter the corresponding dose of powder, using the measuring spoon provided in the box. The scoop should be leveled off with the edge of the box or a clean knife. One scoop is needed for 30 ml of water.
    5. Screw on the teat, put the cap back on and mix the bottle by rolling it between your hands until the powder is completely dissolved.
    6. Before giving it to your baby, check the temperature by pouring a few drops into the palm of your wrist. The optimal temperature of the bottle should not exceed 37 ° C, the temperature of breast milk.

              A planned outing with your little one? Prepare the water in the bottle in advance and, at the last moment, add the powder that you have dosed and stored separately, in a dosing box for example.

              Master the conservation of the bottle

              Always prepare your baby's bottle just before giving it to him.

              Once prepared, the contents of the bottle at room temperature should be drunk within one hour. If your baby doesn't finish it, throw the rest away. If the bottle has been reheated, do not keep it longer than 30 minutes to avoid the appearance of small microbes.

              As for the can of milk, it should not be stored in the refrigerator and consume it within a month of opening. Tip: you can note the date of opening on the can!

              If you use a bottle of liquid infant milk, once opened, it will be stored in the refrigerator (at + 6 ° C maximum) and consumed within 48 hours.

              Ensure thorough cleaning of the bottle

              Baby is full, quickly rinse the bottle!

              You can then proceed to the complete wash:

              - Dismantle the bottle completely.

              - Wash it with hot water, washing-up liquid and a brush

              - Let dry inside out.

              You can also put all the elements of the bottle directly in the dishwasher.

              And finally, a practical tip: provide 2 to 4 bottles to facilitate a good roll.

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