Infant Milk

Our infant milks are getting a new look

What are the current changes to our formulas?

Our desire has always been to work, with our passionate nutrition experts, on formulas that meet your expectations, infant regulations, pediatric recommendations, and organic farming specifications. It is to respond even better to all these requirements that we have developed our formulas. As the nutritional profile is strictly governed by regulations, our new formulas will have a very similar composition and above all we have changed the ingredients used. Rest assured, we keep all our current ranges:

- Primea infant milk which is our essential recipe

- Optima infant milk which also contains organic fibers of the FOS & GOS types

- Caprea infant milk made from goat's milk, enough to offer every baby their Babybio infant milk.

Finally, all our products are always worked in accordance with the values ​​that drive us on a daily basis:

Why change the image on all our infant milk packs?

For more than a year we have listened to and discussed with parents about their expectations regarding organic infant milk. As a brand that is passionate and concerned with giving the best, this new packaging was co-constructed together with the aim of restoring visibility to several key criteria on which we have been working with our teams for more than 25 years:

- the guarantee of controlled traceability through responsible channels

- the fair remuneration of our producers and respect for animal welfare

- transparency

- recyclability

We are proud to offer you this new packaging with an identity charter already used on our diversification range. An image known and recognized by parents which allows both to better identify our infant milks on the shelves and also to value all the work and commitment of our partner breeders. It is thanks to them that we can offer you these organic infant milks, made in France, without palm oil and with good organic cow's milk from our regions or with organic goat's milk.

And for all parents concerned about giving the best to their baby, we are completely transparent about the composition of our products by now offering a complete breakdown of our ingredient lists directly on this new packaging.

Because what you receive as a baby is acquired for life!