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Baby toilet: why switch to zero waste products?

You've probably already seen it for yourself: between wipes, diapers and various plastic containers, washing a baby can nowadays be a particularly harmful operation for the environment. However, this doesn't have to be the case: it is now possible to adopt an ecological approach when washing your little one. Discover all the advantages of switching to a zero waste toilet, both for the environment and for your child!

How to easily switch to a zero waste baby toilet?

You haven't heard of zero waste? Yes, it is an eco-responsible approach that consists in reducing the amount of waste produced by changing our consumption patterns. 

At the individual level, these changes include the purchase of reusable products. This is where your little one's toilet is concerned! Contrary to popular belief, several "zero waste" solutions can help you change and clean your baby. This is particularly true of Babybio's organic cotton washable wipes: Carrés Doudou. 

Why choose washable wipes?

Many parents use single-use pre-moistened wipes to clean baby's bottom at diaper change time. In order to offer an alternative to disposable wipes, Babybio offers reusable wipes that give you several advantages:   

- You use organic cotton wipes that respect baby's skin;

- You provide your baby with maximum comfort and softness every day;

- You have the guarantee to use organic cotton more respectful of the environment;

- You adopt an eco-responsible zero waste approach beneficial for the environment, but also more economical.

Zero waste baby toilet: an essential eco-responsible gesture for the planet

By choosing to use reusable wipes, you are helping to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste circulating on the planet. This waste, which does not degrade on its own, remains in the ground for hundreds of years and thus contributes to the pollution of our ecosystem. A baby's diaper, for example, takes 500 years to destroy itself. And who says good for the planet, says also good for the climate and the future of our children!

Zero Waste Baby Toilet: a healthy solution

Pediatricians and maternity services regularly inform about the potential danger of certain products intended for the toilet of the infants. Moistened wipes, very fashionable among young parents, are particularly concerned. 

By choosing Babybio's Doudou Squares, you are using organic cotton wipes that respect your child's skin. The extra-fine cotton of our wipes also has the advantage of offering maximum softness to baby. 

Zero waste baby wash: an economical solution

Going "zero waste" is also very advantageous from an economic point of view: you no longer have to regularly buy items for baby's toilet since you are now using washable and therefore reusable products. 

Today, Babybio wants to help parents adopt eco-responsible gestures. This commitment includes the creation of a range of organic baby care products with eco-designed containers (made of plastic of vegetable origin or recycled): liniment, cleansing gel, cleansing water, massage oil, moisturizing cream. 

These new products, made in France and certified organic, are part of a sustainable development approach and demonstrate our desire to promote natural products for infants that are perfectly suited to their still fragile skin.

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